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No Subcontractors

We Trust Our Painters Enough to Make them Employees

We promise that every painter we put to work in your home will be an employee. (We will use subcontractors for specialty work like paper-hanging or faux finishing, where we don't have enough demand to support full-time employees.) Few other contractors can make that promise: This includes some high-profile national franchises! But why should that matter to you? There are a number of reasons, but first you'll need some background on the painting business. (We'll keep it as short as possible, we promise.)

No SubcontractorsPainters in town make pretty similar wages from one company to the next, and labor is by far the largest portion of any job cost. In order to shave costs, some contractors (we'll call them Subbing Contractors) use an all-subcontractor workforce. This allows them to avoid paying payroll taxes, Workman's Compensation and Liability Insurance on their crews, and this can often amount to 20-25% of the job cost. (Our current Certificate of Insurance is here).

Now, all subcontractors are required by law to carry insurance, but many do not. Most Subbing Contractors don't have the time to properly check to make sure all of their subcontractors are actually covered. Subcontractors themselves have an incentive not to pay insurance, since it's expensive and difficult to prove they're not covered. We know of one case where a subcontractor forged a Certificate of Insurance through the not-so-clever use of White-Out.

So, many of the Subbing Contractors have prices that seem like a bargain. But in exchange for that, you, the customer, may be taking on all the liability. If an uninsured subcontractor gets hurt working on your job, you can be held liable for his injuries.

Subbing Contractors also have a lot less authority over their painters. Legally they can't tell them when to show up or how long to work. And if there's a problem, they have to negotiate getting it fixed, or send another subcontractor out to do the work.

No SubcontractorsPhillip Patterson Painting, Inc. avoids these problems by only putting employees to work on your project, and those employees have passed our background check. We like to know who we're putting in your home, and if we wouldn't let them in our homes, we won't let them in yours. We assume all the liability and we protect our workers with Workman's Comp insurance. Our crews will report as promised and will work to our high standards consistently. We take on the responsibility for you to ensure you get the best paint job with the least possible stress.

If you get a low bid, there are only a few ways the painter can make up that cost. He can use cheap materials. He can cut on surface preparation (making the paint job not last as long). He can pay lower wages (which usually means less-skilled painters). Or he can use sub-contractors and possibly leave you open to a lot of liability. Would you choose any of these options?

We won't make you choose. You'll get premium workmanship, premium material, peace of mind and an outstanding paint job.

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